Bello Sole

Potenza Pump


Our micro, Potenza Pump is tiny in size yet large in power. These mini, portable pumps are the perfect on-the-go complement to the Bello Sole tubes, as well as any inflatable item. Designed with a built-in, rechargeable 1000mAH lithium battery and 280L/min of wind speed, this wireless pump can be quickly recharged by any power bank or USB port. 

Each pump comes with 4 nozzles which can fit most inflatable air products. Use for up to 15 minutes of continuous air flow, both to inflate or deflate items. 

Stop straining those cheeks and start using the Potenza!

Thick durable PVC

BPA, non toxic Phthalate Free PVC

Silk printed

1 person capacity

Repair kit included

Designed in USA

Shipping & Returns
Recommended Sizing

PICOLLO - 20" Diameter

MEDIO - 35" Diameter

GRANDE - 47" Diameter

Care Instructions

For optimal durability do not use compressed air to inflate your swim ring, or over-inflate as this will cause it to burst. Do not leave the float in direct sunlight when not in use as exposure to excessive heat may cause swelling and discoloration. To protect against mold, ensure that the float is dry before storing. 

Safety Details

This is not a lifesaving device and should be used by swimmers only as they do not protect against drowning. Do not use in offshore wind or a heavy currents. Do not dive or jump on tube.