Our Story

Eight years ago we purchased a home with an unanticipated addition — a swimming pool. As first-time pool owners, we didn’t fully understand the associated costs. Maintenance was one thing, but pool accessories proved an unanticipated beast — one we battled a dozen or more times every season. Getting through a pool party with a single surviving tube felt like a stroke of luck.

The financial and environmental costs of continually replacing these big-box store tubes started to add up... and up...

Our Mission

We set out to create a durable, eco-friendly pool tube not only timeless in style but also in longevity. We brought together experts in supply chain, product design, and marketing and voila… Bello Sole.

Our Promise

Certainly you can do things to burst our “bubble,” aka tubes. We highly recommend that you avoid sharp rocks, swimming with knives, pool darts, shark-infested waters, and level-5 rapids. We design using the highest quality, toxic-free materials, creating tubes in an upscale, neutral style. Bello Sole pool tubes match most outdoor decor and last multiple seasons.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy a timeless summer with Bello Sole.

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